State Board of Elections: Purposeful Negligence?


    PhotobucketLess than two weeks away from the election, the Virginia State Board of Elections website, in the midst of a “convenient” remodel, features broken links and missing pages essential to the transparency necessary for confidence in the Virginia outcome. Election night, we might not have a window on Virginia results.

    There has been a transition to a new user interface across state agencies. Not uncommon are the sort of errors you find on the General Assembly pages or even on the SBE site. But, now? A year after a most dramatic redistricting left Virginia voters confused and disoriented? A month after most of us received our new voter registration cards that would have lessened last year’s confusion but were issued over this year’s criticism of a new voter identification law? Some things are just too coincidental to be coincidence.

    For now some of the links on the Results and Reports user interface function only after insistent manipulation. Some don’t seem to function at all. And none of the reports have been moved to the “updated system.”

    We are currentlly (sic) in the process of converting our results from our former system to this system. If you would like to view results in the meantime, please go to our Results page. – SBE elections results page

    The perfect explanation for an election day “malfunction?” Have the Republicans found their 2012 Florida?


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