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Eric Can’t-or’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day


US Rep Eric Cantor was everywhere yesterday trying to put a new face on the obstructionist, 99%-hating, xenophobic, “let-them-eat-cake” wrecking crew (aka the US Majority House Leadership). All it cared about in the past four years was thwarting Obama at every turn and making sure the economy didn’t heal too well to enable the President’s re-election. Guess what?

He (and his fellow members of the GOP leadership) may have gerrymandered their way into continued presence in the nation’s capitol for now, but the electoral handwriting is own the wall for the future. The GOP will have to either cheat their way into continued domination of one House of Congress, change or fool Americans into thinking it has changed.  Unwilling to actually change, Can’t-or will try to put a pretty face on himself and itself. But messaging won’t solve what is systemically wrong with today’s Republican Party.

Cantor and the GOP leadership don’t actually listen to the American people anymore, only the Tea Party. They doesn’t even listen to those who used to be masters of packaging the nasty GOP and turning it into “sunshine.”  Yep, even Karl Rove is in exile. Instead the re-packager of vermin, Frank Luntz keeps keeping on. And he’s fed Can’t-or a mouth full.

The media response was often hilarious. John Stewart trounced both Cantor and Luntz. Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell had a field day with Cantor.  And the rest of the media pretended re-branding would help.

If only the US could see how very caring Erick Can’t-or and his followers “are.” But Can’t-or evidently trained at the Wooden School of Mitt-Romney-Fake-Caring, where the 99%, not to mention the 47%, are seen as just so very undeserving. Did I mention his rich bailed-out banker wife?  And he claimed yesterday to understand the difficulty of saving for college. Not quite. The rest of us are just so very bourgeois.

Before the American Enterprise Institute yesterday, Can’t-or used the words “health, happiness and prosperity” to define the future (fictitious) GOP agenda. Since when has the GOP cared about such things?  A pretense now is too late. He’s given too much effort trying to sabotage the economy, sacrifice job growth, public education, health care, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and jobless benefits.

Still, Cantor thinks he’s ID’d the Republican version of dream. And he hopes Americans forget his Ayn Rand policies betraying his radical and extreme version of “everyone for himself and God help us all.” Underneath it all, it’s just more Peter Peterson-inspired engineered austerity to advantage hedge fund investors, Wall Street, and the Fortune 500 CEOs.

HINT: Eric, you give yourself away with the lip curl. Looking down on Americans isn’t a very good idea, especially when it is written all over your face and in the tone of your voice. And it makes you wonder how many other “Virginia Gentlemen” pols are waiting in the wings with their dripping insincerity and vicious contempt for the American people. No wordsmith and re-branding will do it. Nor will pretending to care about immigrants now that electoral handwriting is on the wall.It would have helped if your party hadn’t engaged in multi-tiered vote suppression. But, too late. The Can’t-or is out of the bag. Your GOP is not interested in “advancement the happiness of man.” Not even close.


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