Ken Cuccinelli: Governor Steppingstone?


    So you thought Ken Cuccinelli was running for governor? Well, you were wrong. He’s running for president.

    Oh, sure, he’s kind of running for governor — in the same way that you put on your underwear before you pull up your pants. Sort of a preliminary, peremptory gesture that you have to go through on the way to where you’re really heading. So in order not to waste time, our hero has already begun giving radio interviews in such presidential jackpot states as Iowa — and most recently New Hampshire.

    You think I’m kidding? Let’s hear it from an experienced source:

    New Hampshire state Democratic party Chairman Ray Buckley called the release of his book a clear first step in Cuccinelli’s run for the Republican nomination in 2016.

    “Ken Cuccinelli’s opinion that social security and Medicare are ‘goodies’ that make recipients dependent on government would certainly be enlightening to the many voters he will have to win over during his long quest for the Presidency,” Buckley said in a statement.

    So congrats to our Ayatollah General on the launch of his presidential candidacy.  And our apologies that he has to trip over that annoying stepping stone called “the Virginia governorship” on his way to the Oval Office!

    h/t Ryan Nobles and Decision Virginia

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