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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 22. Also, to Senate and House Democrats: stand strong today (on Medicaid and transportation), stand up for what our party believes in, and stand united!!!

*The sequester madness (“The GOP loses most, but everybody suffers.”)

*How Obama moved the tax debate to the right (This is the infuriating, center-right Obama that makes me yearn for the day when we can have a real progressive as president…)

*White House changes course on sequester (“…a week before the sequester deadline, they’ve decided to change course, summoning cops, teachers, nurses and first responders to the White House for meetings on how to pitch their case to lawmakers on Capitol Hill reluctant to cut a deal.”)

*A GOP whitewash

(“Correcting their strange history of the sequester”)

*Updated: Top Virginia Republicans at odds on transportation compromise

*McDonnell’s stance on Medicaid imperils roads bill, Democrats say (“On Thursday, 24 House Democrats sent a letter to the chairmen of the Assembly’s two money committees saying they cannot support a state budget that does not include Medicaid expansion.” Good!!!)

*Cuccinelli, McAuliffe differ on road funding compromise

*Cuccinelli opposes transportation deal as ‘massive tax increase’

*The Smart (Growth) Crowd Weighs In (And their answer is NO!)

*Editorial: A transportation reality check (“A deal by state legislators contains some beneficial provisions, but it cuts into funding for other government services.”)

*Editorial: Questionable morals (“The governor has chosen politics over the fates of uninsured Virginians.” It’s not really “questionable,” it’s just typically Republican – nasty, cold hearted, etc.)

*Showdown looms over transportation, Medicaid (OK, Virginia House and Senate Democrats, it’s time to show what you’re made of!)

*Bolling finally free to speak out against GOP’s move to right (The thing is, Republicans are always “free” to do that, they just choose not to because they’d rather keep winning elections or whatever.)

*‘Straw man’ gun laws already on books, rarely enforced

*Va. Senate sends moratorium on drones to McDonnell (“In a rare show of unanimity, two-year study is approved”)

*Today is ‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day,’ for Virginians who openly carry guns in public

*Benefits of being a state legislator

*Sen. Warner to push to create center for campus safety

*Reckless rezoning in Chesapeake

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