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Video: McCain Says GOP Filibustered Hagel Because He Said Mean Things About Bush, Iraq War


You really couldn’t make up stuff like this if you tried. But, amazingly, there actually exists a political party in 2013 America that is filled with people like McCain – angry, petulant, irresponsible, ridiculous, utterly not serious. I mean, I’m not even a fan of Chuck Hagel, but what on earth is the Republican case against him for Sec Def? My case against him is that he’s a Republican with a long record against a woman’s right to choose, against LGBT equality, against action on environmental problems like climate change, etc, etc. McCain et al’s case?

Let’s see…(wave hands in the air and look really crazy/angry, yelling stuff like “GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN KIDS!!!!”): he didn’t support the Iraq war! he was against the great “surge!” he isn’t a chickenhawk like Lindsey Graham! he endorsed a Democrat (Bob Kerrey) for U.S. Senate (note: as Elaine points out, he also didn’t endorse McCain for president in 2008)! he compared George W. Bush, correctly, to the worst presidents in U.S. history! he was nominated by President Obama, the evil socialist/Kenyan (translation, “black guy”) in the White House! Seriously, the GOP is one of two major political parties in our country. We’d better just make sure these people never get into power, and that we boot them out of the House in 2014. My god, they’re nuts.

P.S. Can you imagine if Democrats had done this to a Republican president’s nominee for Defense Secretary (let alone while the country was at war)? Republicans would be screaming that Democrats “hate America,” are “traitors,” blah blah blah. So, by their OWN reasoning, what does that make them right now?!?  


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