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Del. Dave Albo (R): “I’ve solved the problem” of transportation in Virginia


Last we heard from Dave Albo, he was regaling us with the tale of how his wife wouldn’t have sex with him because he voted for transvaginal ultrasound. Hilarious, huh? I know, it’s a real howler. Ha ha ha. Ha. Whatever.

Anyway, Dave Albo is baaaaack, and now he’s regaling us with yet another story of his amazing exploits. This time, though, he’s not out to protect Virginia women from…themselves, I guess, but to save Virginia motorists from endless gridlock thanks to…people like him, I guess. That’s right, earlier today on the WAMU Politics Hour radio show, Dave Albo claimed the following about the transportation bill:

…the Democrats agreed to do a transfer of $200 million out, which is a lot of money, out of general spending, and we agreed to raise new revenue, that’s how the compromise happened. You know, I mean, I’ve got people on both sides who are mad at me, but bottom line is I’ve solved the problem. Well, I shouldn’t say I…Bob McDonnell, Speaker Howell and others have solved the problem.

Is this guy delusional or what? I mean, first of all the concept that Dave Albo personally negotiated the transportation deal is utterly laughable. At least he quickly corrected himself on that Freudian slip/howler, acknowledging that, oh yeah, Bob McDonnell and Bill Howell might have had something to do with this (not to mention Janet Howell, Dick Saslaw, etc.).

Second, if Albo really believes that the problem of transportation in Virginia is even CLOSE to being “solved” (in fact, we’ll need multiples more money – perhaps $100 billion over 20 years – than this deal provides, if we’re going to ever come close to “solving” the problem), then I’ve got him a nice toll road to sell him! More to the point, if he really believes that, then he certainly shouldn’t be in the General Assembly, because he has no clue what he’s saying or doing.

So, any normal person would try to correct himself as soon as he realize how badly he screwed up. But no, this is Dave Albo we’re talking about, the same guy who joked about his wife not having sex with him because he voted for transvaginal ultrasound, and thought he was just oh-so-clever and oh-so-hilarious in doing so. In this case, the terminally clueless Albo doubles down (see the video clip above) on his idiocy, claiming that “transportation is now done, solved,” so the 2013 gubernatorial candidates “don’t have to argue about it.” I mean, what can you even say about someone like this, except to laugh at him? Oh, and that it would be nice if Democrats could actually defeat this bozo one of these years…


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