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Grover Goes Ballistic…and Why I’m Kinda Sorta Starting to Like Scott Rigell


No, I don’t really like Rep. Scott Rigell (R-2nd), and I sincerely hope that Democrats defeat him in 2014 or 2016 at the latest. Still, to an extent, you’ve gotta love anyone who pisses off one of the most evil, destructive figures in U.S. politics – the anti-tax (and anti-clean-energy, etc.) fanatic Grover Norquist. According to Norquist:

[Rigell is] one Republican, he’s in no way indicative of anybody else in the modern Republican Party, he wants to raise taxes. OK fine. He got elected promising never to do that. He needs to deal with his constituents because he lied his way into office when he made that commitment.

What I think is actually going on here is that Grover is panic-stricken that his iron death grip on the Republican Party might be slipping away (can’t wait to hear him ranting about Bob McDonnell’s – and many Virginia Republican House and Senate members’ – big transportation tax increase). And that, of course, would be a terrible, terrible shame for America. Heh.

P.S. Rigell’s also angered the Teahadists, as his “desire to compromise on sequester makes him an outlier within the GOP.” That’s right, in today’s Republican Party, “compromise” is a four-letter word. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike, Gerald Ford, etc. are all tossing around in their graves!

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