Photos, Video from Rep. Connolly’s St. Patrick’s Day Fete


    (I’ve added a bunch of videos in the comments section…enjoy! – promoted by lowkell)

    I just got back from Rep. Gerry Connolly’s annual St. Patrick’s Day fete and Democratic straw poll in Fairfax (photo above by Rep. Connolly’s staff). Congratulations to Aneesh Chopra and Mark Herring (see press releases for both Chopra and Herring in the comments section) on their wins in the straw poll, with over 850 people voting. Also, great job by the organizers of the event, which attracted upwards of 1,400 Democrats. Hopefully, this is a sign of the enthusiasm Virginia Dems feel this year heading into crucial elections for the future of our state.

    P.S. There are more photos (by yours truly, Rep. Connolly’s office, Aneesh Chopra’s campaign, etc.) on the “flip.” I’m also processing video, which should be available tomorrow.

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