VA League of Conservation Voters Endorses Terry McAuliffe for Governor


    From the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, I’d just add that for anyone who cares in the least bit about the environment and/or clean energy, not only do you need to vote for Terry McAuliffe over the heinous Ken Kookinelli, you also need to phone bank, door knock, give money, tell all your friends to vote, etc. Not motivated enough? Just picture Virginia under the Koch brothers’ (and ALEC’s, Grover Norquist’s, etc.) best friend forever, Gov. Kookinelli. Shuddddddderrrrrr.

    Virginia League of Conservation Voters and National League of Conservation Voters Endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia

    His common sense polices will advance clean energy and protect Virginia’s natural resources

    RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia League of Conservation Voters and the national League of  Conservation Voters today announced their endorsements of Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia. McAuliffe’s common sense approach to clean energy and conservation will grow the clean energy sector across the Commonwealth and protect natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay.

    “Terry McAuliffe’s common sense ideas will bring people together to solve the problems we face and move Virginia toward a renewable energy future,” said Virginia League Executive Director Jeff Painter. “Terry McAuliffe is committed to investing in renewable energy, protecting our local streams and rivers, and advancing land preservation, and we’re proud to endorse him for Governor.”

    “The race to become Virginia’s next Governor has the clearest contrast of any race in the country this year. Terry McAuliffe is the only candidate in this race committed to common sense polices that will protect the air we breathe and the water we drink,” says LCV President Gene Karpinski. “LCV is proud to endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor.”

    McAuliffe is committed to investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, promoting better land use and transportation policies, and protecting Virginia’s open space and farmland. McAuliffe’s common sense policies stand in stark contrast to his opponent, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who has built a reputation for his extreme anti-science positions, especially surrounding environmental policy.

    During his time in the State Legislature, Cuccinelli earned a lifetime Virginia League Score of 27% of a possible 100% and as Attorney General has filed frivolous lawsuits to block fuel efficiency standards that save Virginia families’ money and other safeguards that protect public health.


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