Cuccinelli’s Impossible Dream


    Don Quixote was a sober, rational realist compared to Ken Cuccinelli.  At least Quixote didn’t issue ridiculous press releases before launching onslaughts against windmills.

    Despite his distaste for renewables, today’s assault by our hero was not on a windmill, but on our vice president:

    One day after Vice President Joe Biden came to Richmond and launched a vitriolic, scurrilous and false attack against the sitting attorney general of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli today is challenging the vice president to a debate on the state of the economy, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Cuccinelli’s strong record of protecting women and children, and the Commonwealth’s right-to-work law and the future of America’s coal industry.

    “Vitriolic, scurrilous and false”?  Dude, who’s writing your copy, Donald Trump’s lawyer?

    While this statement may make perfect sense in the Bizarro world, here on Earth, it’s a bit…off. Cuccinelli’s alleged justification for this unusual challenge to a VP he’s not running against is that, supposedly, Terry McAuliffe refuses to debate him.  Except that’s not true, since Terry has agreed to 5 debates.

    And remind me again what you’ve done to “protect women”?  Bullying the state health board into banning abortion clinics?  Cheering for transvaginal probes?  Criminalizing miscarriages? Ladies, does all this protection make you feel safer yet?

    Our AG is dreaming an impossible dream if he thinks this kind of stuff will get him elected governor of Virginia.  But it would be awesome if he launched a statewide tour on horseback with E.W. Jackson riding a donkey by his side.


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