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Gov. McAuliffe Kicks Off Special Session with Proposals on Budget, Closing Coverage Gap


The following photo is courtesy of Del. Marcus Simon. A few more comments from Virginia Democrats:

Del. Alfonso Lopez: “At Governor McAuliffe’s Budget announcement this morning. He is offering his own Budget – with 104 new amendments to the old McDonnell Budget. I agree with the Governor – we already pay our federal taxes into the ACA system. Why would we not avail ourselves of the $5 million a day in benefits?…Incredibly happy to report that the new Budget from Governor McAuliffe includes the FULL $8 million for the Virginia Affordable Housing Trust Fund!! Let’s continue to capitalize this critically important program for our region and the entire Commonwealth.”

Del. Scott Surovell: “Governor McAuliffe presents his new budget proposal including closing the gap….$410 million lost & counting – Off to Special Session to save taxpayers some $$$ & give all the dignity of healthcare…Gov McAuliffe – Price Waterhouse has certified that closing the gap will save VA taxpayers over one billion dollars…Federal Government has greenlighted VA pilot project to close the gap – there are no more excuses…Gov McAuliffe – Medicaid reforms have been included in the budget for years – ‘clean budget’ is a gimmick…Gov McAuliffe new budget 2% raise for all state employees and teachers…Gov McAuliffe –  $100m for closing the gap contingency, money for pre-k, mental health, and land conservation”

Del. Rob Krupicka: “Gov’s proposed budget includes 2% raise for teachers, new preK and mental health funds, more support for schools, higher Ed and pub safety…Many rural hospitals at negative cash flow now without Medicaid expansion.  We need to keep them open.”

Del. Mark Keam: “Gov. McAuliffe has proposed a sensible compromise to break budget gridlock and to provide healthcare coverage gap for uninsured Virginians…Let’s hope my @VaHouse colleagues take a serious look at @GovernorVA compromise and accept the 2 week healthcare pilot project in budget.”

Del. Ken Plum: “A masterful proposal by Governor McAuliffe to resolve the budget impasse – at Virginia State Capitol”

LG Ralph Northam’s Chief of Staff Clark Mercer: “Governor McAuliffe proposes 2 year pilot for closing coverage gap- 100% federal dollars with $225 million in savings to state budget; 2% raise for teachers, increase in mental health and pre-K funding, etc. A strong and spirited presentation by the Governor- great leadership!”

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