Dave Wasserman: Democrats’ #1 Shot for a House Pickup in 2014 May be Virginia 10th CD


    For any Democrats wondering where to focus your time and attention politically in 2014, here’s David Wasserman’s take (note: Wasserman is U.S. House Editor for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, also one of the sharpest political analysts in the country).

    Of the 50 highest-income districts in the country – home to the lion’s share of Super Zips – Democrats already hold 28. But in the 22 remaining districts, there isn’t much hope for turnover in 2014.

    Although most of these districts are fairly competitive territory (only four are more than eight points more Republican than the national average, according to Cook Political Report PVI scores), 19 are in the Cook Report’s Solid Republican column, and Republicans won all of them with more than 54 percent of the vote in the pro-Democratic year of 2012.

    Of these 22 Republican seats, Democrats’ best opportunity may be in Virginia’s 10th congressional district, the wealthiest district in the country, where popular GOP Rep. Frank Wolf is retiring. But even in that open-seat race, Republicans have the upper hand. Elsewhere, in cases where GOP incumbents are running for re-election, they’re nearly untouchable.

    That would be Democratic nominee John Foust, who will be taking on most likely either extremist Barbara Comstock or raging homophobic wacko “Sideshow Bob” Marshall. Is that enough incentive for you to get involved in this race? And yes, that WAS a rhetorical question. ūüôā


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