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Video: 60 Minutes Segment Highlights Need to Expand Medicaid in Virginia


I’m going to quote Rep. Gerry Connolly’s Communications Director George Burke on this one: “The CBS 60 Minutes segment on the dedicated staff of the Health Wagon serving the desperate medical needs of many uninsured in Southwest Virginia is a damning indictment of Virginia Republicans’ refusal to pass Medicaid expansion in the General Assembly.”

  • Fairfax Voter

    The aired segment is here — stunning:


    Quote from the aired segment, from narrator, midway through:

    “These patients would be taken care of in the 26 states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. The federal government pays the extra cost to the states for three years but Virginia and the others that opted out fear that the cost in the future could bankrupt them. So the health wagon patients we met have fallen through this unintended gap.”

    So glad you highlighted this.

  • Dan Sullivan

    “This is a third world country of diabetes, hypertension, lung cancer and CLPD.*” – Dr Joseph Smiddy MD

    *chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  

  • Dan Sullivan

    But Mark Warner is no stranger to Appalachia. Here he is getting his hands dirty with these guys well before they became today’s sensation.

    Mark Warner doing medical outreach photo HealthWagonOutreach-MarkWarner_zpsc60d6ddf.jpg

    This space reserved for Ed Gillespie’s photograph with these Virginia heroes.

  • YelowDawg

    I begged Gov. MickyD to come here.

    In July I begged Morgan Griffith to attend the RAM event in Wise County. These people are his constituents!

    He allowed the hospital in Lee County to close for lack of Medicaid expansion.

    It is so frustrating to have help so near, yet so far.

    We have no representation in Richmond, there is no hope.