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John Foust to Barbara Comstock: Stop Threatening A Shutdown of Virginia’s Government


From the Foust for Congress campaign to wingnut extraordinaire Barbara Comstock:

FAIRFAX, VA – With Virginia “barreling toward a government shutdown,” John Foust called on Barbara Comstock to stop threatening a devastating government shutdown,set aside her right-wing politics, and get to work on passing a responsible budget. 

“Barbara Comstock has consistently gone along with the far right-wing of her party – from requiring women to undergo mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds, to slashing education, to voting against the bipartisan plan to reduce traffic in Northern Virginia – but shutting down our government would be a new low and it’s simply unacceptable,” said John Foust. “These political games are exactly what Northern Virginians hate about politicians in Richmond and Washington.  It’s time for Comstock to stop threatening a shutdown and work with both parties to pass a responsible budget.”  


The Washington Post wrote that “Comstock is among the most conservative lawmakers in Richmond,” and this is hardly the first time Comstock has put her right-wing, Richmond politics over Northern Virginia’s values:  

        Comstock voted against the bipartisan transportation bill that would have especially helped Northern Virginia, rejecting a “feasible solution to rush-hour misery;”

        Comstock voted to require women to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds;

        And Comstock even voted to slash $620 million to support k-12 education, jeopardizing schoolchildren and teachers.  

If Comstock does goes through with her government shutdown, the results could be disastrous for Virginia families: taking away paychecks from over 100,000 workersjeopardizing teachers and police officers, suspending pensions, and imperiling the state’s entire finances. 

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