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Senator Warner Discusses Shinseki and the VA


Any member of Congress who displays shock at the condition of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a liar or a fool. Every member of Congress receives enough constituent complaints about the Department to raise an alarm. That a member did not take enough interest in those complaints justifies their indictment.

Friday at a campaign event in Harrisonburg, Virginia’s senior United States Senator fielded a question about changing the delivery of service. It was absolutely clear that Senator Warner has had his hands in this, working to help improve the Department of Veterans Affairs. That is the operative phrase: “working to help improve.” He began taking action long before this current flare-up and discussed specifics.

The son of a former Marine who fought on Iwo Jima, Warner’s response, clearly unrehearsed and from the heart, demonstrated his sincere, well-considered interest in and grasp of the situation. Veterans at the event who rely upon the VA for care gave testament that he has delivered for them on these issues and earned their determined support.  

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