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In Wake of Hobby Lobby, John Foust Supports New Bill to Protect Women’s Healthcare


From the John Foust for Congress campaign: 

Foust Calls Out Comstock for Once Again Putting Right-Wing Agenda Over Northern Virginia Women and Families


FAIRFAX, VA – Today, John Foust announced his support for a new bill backed by Sen. Tim Kaine that would protect contraceptive healthcare choices for women which are being threatened by the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobbydecision.    

Today also marks the 10 day anniversary since the court issued its decision and Comstock is refusing to speak out – once again putting her right-wing agenda over Northern Virginia’s families. Previously:    

  • Comstock supported making all abortions illegal;
  • Comstock voted to require women to undergo an invasive and medically unnecessary transvaginal ultra-sound prior to an abortion;
  • And Comstock even voted for a personhood bill which could prohibit birth control.  


“The Supreme Court’s decision to restrict access to affordable birth control is unacceptable, which is why I applaud leaders like Senator Tim Kaine who are taking action to protect women’s healthcare choices,” said John Foust. “After 10  days of silence from Barbara Comstock it’s clear she’s once again putting her right-wing agenda over the lives and healthcare of Northern Virginia’s women and families – just like she did when she supported making all abortion illegal. And while Comstock’s right-wing agenda may fit right in with the dysfunctional Republican Congress, it’s out of touch with the values of Northern Virginia families.”



Comstock:  “Yes, I think Roe v Wade Should be Overturned.” In October 2006 on CNN’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Comstock said, “…yes, I think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned and the states should decide it.” [MSNBC,10/16/08] 

Comstock Voted to Require Transvaginal Ultrasounds Prior to Abortions. In 2012, Comstock voted for a bill “that requires women to have a ‘transvaginal ultrasound’ before undergoing abortions.” [HB 462, 2/14/12; Associated Press,2/15/12]

Comstock Voted for Personhood Bill. In February 2012, Comstock voted in favor of HB 1, a so-called Personhood bill, over strong opposition to the bill. Opponents argued that the broad measure could prohibit birth control. The bill passed 66 to 32.  [Washington Post, 2/13/12; HB 1, 2012 Session, 2/14/12] 

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