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Video — Barbara Comstock: The Newest Voice in The War on Women


By the way, on a related note, since the Barbara Comstock folks have been trying to stir up controversy, let’s just be clear that Barbara Comstock has held numerous “real jobs” in her life. And yes, that includes being a mother – a tough job, and certainly a real one – and a job that John Foust would never denigrate in any way (yes, Comstock and her supporters are making s*** up again, psychologically projecting, cynically  working to gin up “outrage” to fire up their supporters, etc.). The problem is, other than being a mother, she’s overwhelmingly had jobs that while “real,” were nothing to be proud of. For instance, how about:

*Lobbyist for the Koch Brothers on “crime and environmental issues” (one can just imagine)

*Political attack dog against the Clintons.

*House Gov. Reform Committee – Investigated the Clintons, played key role in heavily editing Webb Hubbell prison tapes

*Political attack dog against Al Gore.

*Political attack dog defending the Bush administration profiling Muslims and detaining US citizens.

*Lobbied for private prison builder Geo Group and the Entertainment Software Association, which opposes regulation of violent video games.

*Represented Chiquita Brands on asbestos liability and later voted to limit asbestos company liability.

*Political attack dog defending Tom Delay.

*Political attack dog defending pathological liar Willard “Mitt” Romney.

*Lobbyist for Blackwater.

*Scooter Libby defender

*Bush Administration DOJ – ran an “intensely political operation” under John Ashcroft

*Workforce Fairness Institute – employed Swift Boat consultants, refused to disclose companies they worked for, gave $150k to Newt Gingrich’s PAC

*Susan B. Anthony List – Comstock helped raise money for this extreme anti-women’s-choice group

*Virginia Delegate; voted for trans-vaginal ultrasounds and many other bad things (e.g., to cut $1.5 million from early childhood foundation funding, against the 2013 transportation compromise that’s so important to the 10th CD, to allow guns in bars…).

Is this the type of person 10th CD voters want representing them in Congress, especially when she’s all but promised to continue doing what she’s done for decades now? We can only hope not.


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