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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 27. Also see Jon Stewart take on Fox “News” coverage of Ferguson.

*U.N. Draft Report Lists Unchecked Emissions’ Risks (That’s right, no matter how much you try to deny or minimize this problem, it’s a 12-alarm emergency right now. WTF are we doing about it?!?)

*Obama rules out help from Assad on Syria strikes (“Airstrikes against Islamic State militants, even if officially opposed by Syria as a violation of sovereignty, would put the U.S. and Syrian presidents on the same side of a war Obama has been loath to join.”)

*Cease-fire holding between Israel, Hamas amid rejoicing (Now, the people of Gaza should rise up and overthrow Hamas.)

*A climate for change: The EPA’s limits on emissions are important but not enough (“The EPA is starting the country down a carbon-reduction path, an important signal to Americans and foreigners seeking confidence that the United States will cut its carbon use. But the regulations’ greatest contribution will come if they prod Congress to enact a plan that’s both more comprehensive and more efficient”)

*Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty (“The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.” Thanks a lot, pathetic, climate-science-denying Republicans.)

*When youthful mistakes turn deadly (“For young, black men, errors can be deadly.”)

*Why Conservative Christian Homeschoolers Are Fighting Standards That Don’t Apply To Them

*U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

*Senate Dems frustrated by colleague’s push for ISIS vote (“‘Asking anybody to take that vote within two months of an election is just stupid. Why would you put people in that position?’ said a Senate Democratic aide.”)

*Former Va. governor insists he never promised favors in return for gifts (The question is whether or not the jury believes that one.)

*Homophobic Ex-VA Gov. Bob McDonnell Now Living With Priest Who Pled Guilty To Having Sex With Another Man In Public

*McDonnell Living With Priest Who Pleaded Guilty To Sex Crime

*Despite ‘real job’ comment, Foust and Democrats to push ‘women’s issues’ (Why is the Loudoun Times accepting the b.s. Republican narrative on this?)

*A year after McDonnells’ gifts scandal was revealed, lobbyists’ assembly spending dips (Now we need serious ethics reform, with sharp teeth, to slash this a lot further.)

*Schapiro: Lawmaker-judge who found joy in public life

*Our view: A reset, perhaps, on safe abortion (“Supporters’ insistence that the law’s purpose is women’s health and safety offers such thin cover as to be transparent. They mean to stop abortions. That debate can be held on honest grounds, but TRAPers should know this: They cannot end abortions, and abortions are safe because they are legal.”)

*Attorney general investigating alleged voter fraud

*As ex-governor’s trial continues, the current Guv’s thoughts on gifts to public officials (“‘Nobody should be giving you gifts, why is anybody giving you gifts,’ McAuliffe said.” Right, so let’s make it illegal.)

*Early stirrings of life in 2nd Congressional District race (Yeah, it’s been super quiet there.)

*Electric vehicles to get more support in Hampton Roads

*Nats come up short against Phillies

*D.C. area forecast: No scorchers in sight, but summer simmers a bit today and again this weekend


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