“We’re Rural, Not Stupid” Part 2


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    The second in a series of posts to Blue Virginia sharing letters from Nelsonians which outline their concerns, frustrations and determination to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  We hope from these letters, BV readers, our local, state and federal officials will begin to acknowledge and understand the validity of the arguments being made by residents of rural Nelson County. Our elected officials would allow a for-profit, privately held company, in this case Dominion Power, to encroach upon our lands and our way of life.  Nelsonians may live in a rural area, but are not stupid.  They are well-informed, knowledgeable and will not stop their efforts to shine a light on the issues that affect them.  Governor McAuliffe can hide in a restaurant rather than speak to protesters, some officials can vote against the best interests of their constituents, but Nelsonians are united in their fight.

    Sherri Moyer Brooks and her husband, Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks are native Nelsonians and life-long Democrats.  Their property is in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Sherri and David received one of the dreaded letters from Dominion Power “asking” for permission to survey their property,  which also outlined Dominion could do so without their permission.  David recently asked the Warner campaign to remove his name from a letter Senator Warner sent out listing Sheriff Brooks as having endorsed him, when David had not.  You may read that story here.

    Here is Sherri’s letter:

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    Our home sits on land that has been in my husband’s family for three generations.  From the time George Brooks picked apples in what was part of Red Apple Orchard, he had a love for the land.  He later purchased a portion of the orchard which he and his family farmed.  My father-in-law, Billy Brooks, grew up on this land and farmed with his father for some years.  He built his home on the land which is now our home.  My husband, David, is now the caretaker of the land and his family’s heritage.

    To be informed by Dominion Power it has plans to put a pipeline through our land whether we wish it or not has us saddened and anxious.  It is alarming to witness our elected government officials turn a deaf ear to the citizens of Nelson County and surrounding counties in the interests of big business.

    A google search shows the contributions made by Dominion to politicians in both the Democratic and Republican parties.  If there is ever a time for Nelsonians to stand up and take back their power, it is now.  If not now, when?  Stand now to oppose the pipeline and stand in line to vote these politicians out.  They are not serving us well.

    Sherri Moyer Brooks

    Shipman, VA