Comstock Awarded for Ceding Power to Anti-Obamacare Organization


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    Today Del. Barbara Comstock announced that the Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) — which is by no means independent or “mainstream,” as they claim — presented her with the 2014 Healthcare Leadership Award.

    Who is the IWV? An anti-Obamacare right wing front group who established The Repeal Pledge, which Barbara Comstock signed.  What’s so insidious about this pledge is that Comstock is promising, if elected, to let IWVdecide what legislation she will support:

    The Repeal Pledge’s Advisory Board… will determine which legislative efforts are legitimate for the purpose of this pledge.

    This candidate for Congress is vowing to take orders from an anonymous advisory board.  After refusing to answer questions from the media or the general public, and shunning nonpartisan organizations like the AARP, this comes as no surprise.


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