UVA, Misogyny, and the Protected Rape Culture


    The Greek fraternities (and to a lesser extent some of the sororities, which apparently look the other way) have made an art form out of the “learn to screw everyone” attitudes, so prized by American corporations and a prerequisite for elected office.  

    These–along with fluent lying and cheating–are required skills to be in the higher (though not necessarily top) echelons of where “success” is measured by metrics other than accomplishment.

    You’ll notice the notion of making a profit by building a better product or providing better service; or by providing honest services to the taxpayers, has disappeared from the American exicon.  

    No one on any Board of Corporate Directors or among the candidate’s supporters, ever asks any damn fool questions, as long as the money (and votes) keeps rolling in.

    Unless, of course, the crimes become public knowledge. Then they toss their hands in the air and shout, as did Teresa Sullivan and the  entire management of UVA, that they were shocked, shocked, to find out that this sort of thing is going on.

    These skills don’t require either first rate intellectual capacity or human decency,  just an entitled Old Boy Virginia Way mentality.

    But there is a big problem.  Women are blocking spaces that these entitled creeps think ought to be theirs, by right.  That makes women a problem.

    What do ruthless businessman types do with any problem? They get rid of it.

    I see the for assault and rape culture of UVA as a part of a response to ia problem: they creeps are having a harder time competing, and no longer can count on the State of Virginia allowing them to discriminate to keep women out of college. There are laws about that. The feds will come looking. So in the dark of night, they slip  date drugs into the drinks, rape  the girls and dump them out on the sidewalk.

    They might think twice after a few public perp walks, indictments, trials, and long spells of incarceration, but that NEVER happens. Creeps just like them are in charge of what passes for the University justice system. These creeps  can be counted upon to make sure that nobody is ever punished. The effect is to chase women away from the college.  Problem solved.

    Already, here in Northern Virginia, people are expressing doubts about allowing their daughters to even apply to UVA.

    And after all, isn’t that the whole point?


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