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BREAKING: No Indictment in Puckett Resignation Case; Del. Morrissey Going to Jail on Sex Charges


Yep, just another quiet day in ever-so-ethical Virginia (snark). By the way, let me be one of the first Virgnia Democrats to call on Del. Morrissey to resign immediately for his appalling behavior (even though, this being Virginia and all, he’s allowed to work in the House by day, go back to the “big house” at night, to paraphrase Jeff Schapiro).

UPDATE 8:11 am Saturday: Sure hope we get a statement from the Virginia House Democratic Caucus today. So far…continued chirping crickets.

UPDATE 8:34 pm: Other than Atif Qarni, not a single one of the 15 or so Virginia Dems I contacted a few hours ago has responded. I’d say while I’m not surprised, I’m disappointed.

UPDATE 6:34 pm: Just checking Twitter, I see that another Democrat – Jeremy McPike, who’s also running for State Senate in the 29th district – tweeted, “Morrissey enters plea.  Time for change. #MorrisseyTimeToResign”

UPDATE 5:43 pm: I forgot, but actually Del. Mark Keam called for Morrissey to resign on July 1, 2014. At the time, Keam said, “Virginians deserve better from their public servants. For the sake of the Commonwealth and its residents, I call on Delegate Joe Morrissey to resign immediately and to deal with his legal problems as a private citizen.​”

UPDATE 5:32 pm: Democrat Atif Qarni, who almost defeated Del. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall last year for House of Delegates, and who is running this year for State Senate in Virginia’s 29th district (currently held by Chuck Colgan), has called for Joe Morrissey to resign. According to Qarni, it’s “disgusting” and “predatory behavior” for a 57-year-old man to engage in a sexual relationship with a child. Regardless of party affiliation, Qarni adds, Morrissey’s behavior is “unethical” — “what’s wrong is wrong.”

UPDATE 5:08 pm: Dead silence. The sound of crickets quietly chirping…

UPDATE 4:46 pm: I’m checking with Virginia Dems to see if any of them will call on Morrissey to resign. So far, seems pretty quiet… By the way, note that Morrissey’s district is super “blue”/safe, so THAT is no excuse.


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