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34th, 63rd Virginia HoD Districts Special Election Returns: Open Thread


Virginia polls closed at 7 pm, and results should be coming in shortly from the 34th and 63rd House of Delegates districts. I’ll post updates here as information comes in.  What are you hearing?

UDPATE 8:12 pm: The State Board of Elections website has it Murphy 51%-Parisot 48% with 54 out of 55 precincts reporting.

UPDATE 8:00 pm: In Fairfax County, Great Falls precinct went Murphy 258-Parisot 254; Churchill precinct went Murphy 210-Parisot 163; Kenmore precinct went Murphy 373-Parisot 340. This one is O-V-E-R, stick a fork in it and all that…and congratulations to Delegate-elect Kathleen Murphy! 🙂

UPDATE 7:53 pm: Sugarland South in Loudoun went 211-192 for Murphy; Sugarland North went 307-259 for Parisot. Loudoun overall went 1,480 Parisot-1,477 Murphy. Del. Marcus Simon just tweeted, “Congratulations Kathleen Murphy – my newest colleague in the House of Delegates.”

UPDATE 7:48 pm: In Fairfax County, Westbriar precinct went 383 Murphy-270 Parisot. Chain Bridge went 373 Murphy-281 Parisot. Langley went Murphy 307-Parisot 256. With just 4 precincts oustanding in Fairfax and 2 precincts in Loudoun, it’s starting to look good for Murphy! (@notlarrysabato just tweeted, “Calling this one for Kathleen Murphy, low turnout in the snow leads to a Democratic pickup.”)

UPDATE 7:43 pm: The State Board of Elections finally updated. With 27 of 55 precincts counted, it’s Murphy 3,469-Parisot 3,386.

UPDATE 7:40 pm: In Loudoun County, it’s now Murphy 1,007-Parisot 981. Just two precincts (Sugarland North and Sugarland South) outstanding.

UPDATE 7:38 pm: In Loudoun County, it’s now Murphy 845-Parisot 831. More results from Fairfax: Hickory precinct went Parisot 272-Murphy 257; Spring Hill went Murphy 282-Parisot 272; Wolf Trap went Murphy 499-Parisot 353; Seneca went Parisot 331-Murphy 269; Salona #1 went Murphy 143-Parisot 86; Cooper went Murph 190-Parisot 183.

UPDATE 7:31 pm: In Fairfax County, absentees went to Murphy 672-Parisot 667. Shouse  precinct went Murphy 273-Parisot 230. Colvin Run went 280 Parisot-210 Murphy.

UPDATE 7:24 pm: In Loudoun County, so far it’s Kathleen Murphy (D) 630-Craig Parisot (R) 600. Murphy won Potomac Falls precinct 182-158 and South Bank precinct 218-170. Parisot won Seneca precinct 170-131 and absentees 102-99. Something tells me this could be a nail biter!

UPDATE 7:16 pm: Make that 237-33 (87%-12%) for Joseph Preston in 63rd, with 8 of 31 precincts reporting. I think it’s fair to say congratulations to Delegate-elect Preston. 🙂

UPDATE 7:12 pm: In the 63rd district, Democrat Joseph Preston is off to a huge percentage lead, 87%-13%, over Independent W.H. “Mouse” Jones, Jr., although with just 47 votes in. 🙂 Still, Preston should win this one easily.


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