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Bob McDonnell Sentencing Updates


‏@PeggyTV – “#McDonnell ordered to report to prison Feb 9 for 2 year sentence; he wants judge to allow him bond until appeal.”

@PostRoz – “No one had been expecting Judge Spencer to give Bob McDonnell community service. 24 months in prison is a coup for his defense.”

@MichaelLeePope  – “#BobMcDonnell sentenced to two years in prison”

NY Times reporter @tripgabriel – “Ex-Gov Bob McDonnell has finished speaking to judge.  Sentencing coming soon.”

NBC29 correspondent @alana_austin – “Bob McDonnell addresses court, apologizes for shame brought on others, asks for mercy for himself but mostly on his wife.”

@PostRoz — “Bob McDonnell asks that the judge show mercy to his wife first.”

@mattzap — “Prosecutor delivering final McDonnell pitch: ‘These crimes are unprecedented in Virginia’s 226 year history…This is a hard thing to say, but the defendant has shown no true remorse in this case for these crimes.’…Prosecutor compares McDonnell’s arguments to those made by ex-delegate Phil Hamilton, who got 9 1/2 years.”

@WAVY_News  tweets (2:10 pm): “Defense lawyers for #McDonnell just wrapped up. They read excerpts from many of the 440 letters of support the former governor received.”

‏@mattzap – “McDonnell lawyer’s final pitch begins with a lot of quoting from supportive letters”

@PostRoz  – “Former Va. Gov. Doug Wilder draws applause from courtroom of McDonnell supporters when he question why the briber ‘walks away clear.'”

Virginian Pilot reporter @patrickmwilson  tweets, “House Speaker Bill Howell testified that the McDonnell trial will lead to more ethics reform in this year’s General Assembly session.”

@mattzap “Sister: McDonnell stopped eating after verdict”

@JoeStGeorge — “Bob McDonnell often keeps his eyes closed. His head is down, almost as if he fighting back tears.”

@JulieCareyNBC – “#McDonnell sentencing hearing about to resume. One more character witness. Likely to be @BobMcDonnell himself.”

@mattzap – “McDonnell sister calls Bob the ‘glue’ of his siblings, vital to his kids. ‘He’s their go-to parent,’ she says, w/o mentioning his wife.”

NBC Washington reporter David Culver tweets, “#VA House speaker William Howell testifies on @BobMcDonnell’s behalf. Calls him a Boy Scout…#McDonnell’s been punished enough….The damage to his dreams and his aspirations has been done…RIGHT NOW: Six character witnesses have testified. A ‘few’ more expected, per defense.”

@JoeStGeorge – “Witnesses continue……priest up now”

CBS6 reporter @JoeStGeorge – “McDonnells commanding officer in military asked judge to give mercy”

‏@rhughes_cbs6 tweets – “If Spencer stays within the guidelines McDonnell will spend less time in prison than former Delegate Phil Hamilton.”

CNN reporter @ericbradner – “In Richmond, 30 minutes of technical debate helped Bob McDonnell: The judge lowered sentencing guidelines to 78 to 97 months.”

@mattzap – “Judge reduces guideline range to 78-97 months. Roughly 6.5-8 years. Said McDonnell did not obstruct justice, amount of bribes not >$120K”

@PostRoz – “Defense attys, prosecutors at #mcdonnellsentencing now arguing over technical issues–the value of loans, whether McDonnell lied on stand.”

@mattzap – “Judge Spencer, so far, is not asking any questions or directing the parties to address particular topics.”

@mattzap – “Bob McDonnell’s sentencing has officially begun. http://wapo.st/1wRLozo

Washington Post reporter @mattzap tweets – “A surprise visitor at Bob McDonnell’s sentencing (spoiler alert: it’s his wife) ”

@PostRoz – “Maureen McDonnell’s lawyer had been sitting alone in the overflow courtroom when she arrived. Her attendance appears to be a surprise.”

Washington Post reporter @PostRoz tweets – “After a couple of long hugs in the hallway, Bob McDonnell has entered the courtroom, accompanied by daughters Rachel and Cailin.”


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