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Cuccinelli Fumes at Latest Goldman/Leahy Washington Post Column


From our old friend Paul Goldman, this one is definitely worth sharing! đŸ˜‰  

Cuccinelli and co-author Mike Farris  slam Goldman’s legal credentials and call him a political whatever.

Really Ken, that’s the best you got?

Want to debate this issue in front of the media? I doubt it, as the following makes clear.

by Paul Goldman

Wow, did Norm and I hit a nerve with our latest column exposing the legal flaws in the constitutional arguments of Mr. Cuccinelli and his constitutional scholar posse. It was like Clint Eastwood “The Good, ‘Bad and the Ugly” combined with Gary Cooper in “High Noon.”

Our column, found here, lays bare the law and politics behind Mr. Cuccinelli and posse’s efforts to get the Virginia General Assembly to pass a resolution demanding that Congress convene a Constitutional Convention pursuant to Article V of the U.S Constitution.

Norm and I were the first columnists in Virginia to explain the hard legal and factual truths.

The CUCCINELLI et al plan is now dead in the GA.

So today, he hit back at us: we are big boys, we can take it.

Hey Ken: You aren’t the only one to go to law school here, dude! But I agree: I wasn’t the AG nor did I hold the positions of the others mentioned in your Washington Post column found here.

Mr. Cuccinelli suggests it took a “fair amount of…” whatever for Norm and me to question the all those professors, law deans, former Supreme Court clerks, and others in terms of their understanding of Article V.

Sorry Ken: All it took is a little common sense and legal analysis.

By the way Ken: I am the only one who actually has any experience creating a governing document, the Elected Mayor Charter change endorsed by the General Assembly. So maybe you don’t have the right experience to discuss these kinds of founding document matters!

Bottom line: Cuccinelli slammed me as a “political blogger” and thus, someone who viewed the discussion from a partisan political writing angle. That’s silly: If that were true, then why would Cuccinelli have asked me to help him get some new laws passed in 2013 to improve the political process: laws which passed with huge bipartisan support?

Let’s face it: This Con Con idea seemed a sure winner to Ken and his posse, but now, thanks to some of us who have been willing to speak analytically about the law and facts involved, the idea has been defeated for this year.

Will it be back in 2016? Absolutely, if not before.  But if you read our Post column, and then the Cuccinelli rebuttal, you will realize his column actually supports our analysis.

Just read it.


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