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Video: Jon Stewart Blasts Media’s Coverage of Bernie Sanders


This is something that’s been bugging me for weeks now, and Jon Stewart really nailed it last night: the media’s coverage of Bernie Sanders has been an utter disgrace. Note that I don’t say this as a Bernie Sanders supporter per se, simply as someone who finds the corporate media coverage of politics in this country – and of Sanders specifically – to be horrendously lame, irresponsible, brain dead, you name it.

Thus, according to the corporate media political hacks, Bernie Sanders is not going to be “taken too credibly” because he’s “a loon” who is a “socialist for god’s sake, is “73 years old, he looks 91;” and, worst of all, “has a thick Brooklyn accent.” My god, a THICK BROOKLYN ACCENT! We certainly can’t have THAT in the White House! (snark)

On the other hand, according to the same corporate media hackdom, the following people ARE apparently to be taken credibly.

Ted Cruz: An extremist who has said so many crazy things, so many outrageously false things, it’s hard to keep track. He also worked hard to shut down the government, is a raging anti-gay bigot, anti-Muslim bigot, etc, etc., denies climate science (an automatic disqualifier in and of itself), and is generally speaking a far-right, theocratic nutjob. Yet he’s treated much more seriously by the corporate media than Bernie Sanders is. Perhaps because he’s a Teapublican, and the corporate media is terrified of those people?

Rand Paul: Same deal as Ted Cruz, pretty much. This guy is an anti-vaxxer who defended BP during the Gulf of Mexico disaster (saying that anyone who criticized the oil company was “really un-American”), compared Benghazi to 9/11, compared healthcare to slavery, frequently “shushes” female rpeorters, is also a climate science denier and apparently a creationist as well, etc, etc. Total nutjob and far-right-wing extremist, in other words, yet he’s a more serious candidate for president than Bernie Sanders, who by world standards would be slightly left of center (my god, he supports expanding Social Security – gasp – he must be a commie!). Again, the corporate media is utterly brain dead.

Jeb Bush: A climate science denier (automatic disqualifier) who’s apparently still for the Iraq War (even knowing now what we didn’t know then), also ran for Florida Governor on “a sweeping set of conservative proposals that, if enacted, would have made Florida a virtual laboratory for far-right policy.” Yet Jeb Bush is treated more seriously by the corporate media as a candidate for president in 2016 than Bernie Sanders, who believes such wild-eyed thing like: we “must transform our energy system away from polluting fossil fuels and towards energy efficiency and sustainability;” “as the rich become much richer, the level of income and wealth inequality has reached obscene and astronomical levels;” and that “Congress must pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and move toward public funding of elections.” Yep, crazy talk…except that it’s not at all crazy, and also happens to be supported by the majority of Americans in each case. But whatever, Sanders isn’t serious, so sayeth the corporate media, and Jeb Bush is. Gotcha.

Scott Walker: Yes, this is the Koch Brothers’ Favorite Extremist (see that post for a million examples as to why), yet the corporate media treats HIM as a serious candidate, but not Bernie Sanders, who favors getting big money out of politics (something supported by a strong majority of Americans).

Rick Santorum: One of the most extreme of the extreme 2016 Republican candidates, yet Media Help Santorum Rebrand As “Champion Of The Working Class,” Ignoring Economic Policies That Favor Wealthy. Great, huh?

Mike Huckabee: The corporate media seems to love this guy, even though he’s…yes, totally bonkers. Why do I say that? Well, see 5 Quotes Show Why Mike Huckabee Is 2016’s Most Dangerous Candidate and 11 Bizarre Mike Huckabee Quotes On Gay Marriage, Obama, And… Amy Winehouse? and Mike Huckabee’s Craziest Comments and…we could go on all day. Yet Huckabee is treated seriously by the corporate media, far more so than Bernie Sanders, who advocates for…environmental protection (my god!) and a strong social safety net (can’t have THAT!).

I could go on and on, but I don’t have all day to cover all the dozen+ far-right Republican candidates (Donald Trump anyone? Ben Carson? Rick Perry?) spewing out their extreme beliefs and la-la-land craziness 24/7. Also, the corporate media seems to have that beat covered, except not in the sense of calling out these folks for their lunacy and extremism, but in treating it all as normal, “both sides,” etc. Only in such a brain-dead world could Bernie Sanders – who Jon Stewart correctly described as a “rational, slightly left-of-center, mainstream politician” – while true extremists like the Republicans mentioned above are juuuuust fine with the corporate media. Sorry corporate media guys, but this judgement reflects a lot more on YOUR inadequacies (intellectual, moral, etc.) than on Bernie Sanders or anyone else you choose to trivialize, marginalize, mock, or ignore for no good reason whatsoever (other than your own cowardice and smug stupidity).


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