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Potty Equality Comes to Gloucester


The main dust up over school children using the restroom has focused on NOVA. Most of the venom and nastiness, which is often loud and idiotic, was focused on the Fairfax School Board decision to allow trans children to use the restroom they prefer.

Off most radar has been what is going on in Gloucester County. The same discussion, but this time with the Dept. of Justice adding its weight to the fight. Gloucester is not on the same political side as Fairfax, but it is close enough to the Newport News and Norfolk military and communities to be more on the left side than the right side of the political scale.

The school board is under pressure by the DOJ and ACLU after making the decision to create three uni-sex restrooms AND telling the trans youth to use those and not the others. This comes after using the correct restroom for almost two months. Two months until the parents got involved.

Gloucester is an interesting area. You have agriculture, watermen and a very few women, active duty military along with retirees living there, many others from somewhat liberal areas around Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News and even as far south as the Port of Norfolk who are military.

So the population is a big mix from many points of view and life conditions. Hate for Obama lives next to proud rainbow peace symbols, next to Obama signs (still up). Much of it is live and let live, with only a small group of hate. Now I would not want to go around in some areas waving a rainbow flag and screaming “HI I’m Trans”. But flying the flag is accepted.

I expect that the county will change it’s approach to the issue soon. And, I think it will be accepted over a shorter time than if this was nearer to Richmond. The people are very nice to any who come by. The local restaurant I visit when I am at my boat always greets me and treats me as well as any of the watermen who are there too. I am remembered wherever I go there, I am not hard to remember, and treated with the same dignity and respect all the locals get.

The potty problem is one that takes a little time for most people to get over. Those that continue on shut up once they are told this is the new world and get used to it. A few will pull their children and put them in private school. But, the rest get used to it.

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