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Friday News: Jeb Says Taking Out Saddam “Pretty Good Deal;” Ben Carson Did Fetal Tissue Research


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, August 14. Also, notice anything wrong with that map? Yeah, why’s Virginia – with enormous offshore (and some onshore) wind power resources – blank?

*Jeb Bush: ‘Taking Out Saddam Hussein Turned Out To Be A Pretty Good Deal’ (This guy is supposed to be the “smart Bush?” LOL)

*Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run (Well that would certainly be interesting…)

*Iowa surprise: Trump is actually trying to win

*Can Jeb Bush ever escape his brother’s shadow? (“His brother’s name is already hurting him. His brother’s policies will hurt him more.”)

*Ben Carson just made life very hard for the GOP: Why his fetal tissue research matters (“Ben Carson’s involvement with fetal tissue research is a big problem for the GOP’s fight against Planned Parenthood”)

*Ben Carson Revives Conspiracy Theory About Planned Parenthood And Eugenics (Same thing with E.W. Jackson and Ken Cuccinelli.)

*The Hillary Clinton double standard in a nutshell: Why aren’t we talking about Jeb’s email scandal too?

*Donald Trump is the last whimper of the angry white man: What’s really behind his stubborn lead (“Movement conservatives are at war with modernity — and Trump promises to deliver them from it” They’re also at war with anyone who’s not an angry white heterosexual man.)

*McAuliffe going far for Clinton, but it could be problematic at home

*McDonnell asks to stay out of prison as he takes legal battle to Supreme Court

*GOP lawmakers question proposed changes in voter registration form (The only goal should be to make it EASIER for people to vote. Anything that makes it harder, with the lame excuse of mythical “voter fraud” or whatever, should be unacceptable.)

*24 past Virginia Bar presidents criticize dustup over Supreme Court appointment

*The Virginia GOP plays a partisan game with taxpayer money (“So why, in the resulting litigation over the map, have Virginia taxpayers been stuck with Mr. Marston’s $224,000 legal bill, rather than his then-employer, the Republican Party?”)

*2002 AG ruling says Virginia court databases are public

*Opinion: Voters should oust anyone who opposes Virginians access to public information

*Virginia craft brewers call for updated state regulations

*Nearing success on Oceana development

*Confusion over land access continues as pipeline surveyors charged with trespassing

*Giants silence the Nationals again (This season is starting to slip away…sigh.)

*D.C. area forecast: Humidity reprieve continues as sunshine dominates and temperatures head up

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