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Monday News: Iran Deal Looking Good; Bob McDonnell Not So Much…


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, August 31.

*Bust: Iran opponents’ August fail (“The monthlong break was supposed to be the best window for critics to whip up opposition. It hasn’t happened.”)

*Oregon Dem becomes 31st senator to support Iran deal (Thank you Sen. Jeff Merkley! Still waiting for word from Mark Warner…)

*Mount McKinley Will Again Be Called Denali (Good.)

*Walker: What about a wall on Canada’s border? (Insane.)

*My daughter was killed on live television. I will do whatever it takes to end gun violence.

*Clinton and Biden’s awkward friendship (“Not quite rivals, but never very close-now Hillary and Joe are on a collision course.”)

*What happened to Scott Walker? (He joined up with Mark Obenshain for one thing! LOL)

*Donald Trump & white America’s anxiety: The political throes of a forgotten country (“Liberals, don’t kid yourselves: ‘The Donald’ is not just a media creation. He’s a tribune of our past – and future”)

*Fox’s George Will Dismisses Gun Legislation And Blames “Evil” After Virginia Shooting (Yep, George Will is E.W. Jackson-level insane.)

*Oliver Sacks dies in New York aged 82

*Supreme Court likely to deny McDonnell’s bail request

*Dominion Va. Power using rate riders to pay for new plants

*Research warns of fast-rising waters (“Scientists know a few things about sea levels: They’re rising across the globe, though not uniformly. And they’re rising faster than they had been. In Hampton Roads, seas are rising even faster because the Gulf Stream has slowed down and because land here is sinking, a result of the region’s geology and groundwater withdrawals.”)

*The undercarriage of the car-wash industry: Wage fraud and other abuses

*Library, condos part of South Norfolk’s revitalization vision

*Editorial: State Police break an oath

*Nats roar back to defeat Marlins

*D.C. area forecast: A few showers possible today, but heat and humidity are the stories of the work week


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