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Men Who Need Guns to Put Lead In Their Pencils


By Dan Sullivan

Posted on Facebook by William Sellari of Roanoke:

 photo c2d789c9-f36c-415a-a019-7067f009dd08_zpse8puzcyo.jpgWhile watching the Revenant, there was an older couple beside (us) who kept talking during the movie. The gentlemen in front of them politely asked them to be quiet a number of times to which the older man told him to “move seats” and “piss off”. The younger man waved him off and thankfully they were quiet through out the rest of the movie. As the credits began to roll the older man stood up to address the younger man and “give him a piece of his mind”. It was at this point (we) saw that he was carrying a pistol.

As he put his hand on his pistol, his wife forbade him from confronting the younger man and the younger man left the theater. The older man began to follow him and I stupidly started to give chase. Fortunately, the older man stopped and changed his mind when someone who knew him got his attention. I then went to the manager and explained the situation.

I was told by the manager they were calling the police after I pointed him out to her. Unfortunately, as I was leaving I saw the old man exiting too. As we left he pulled up beside us and glared at me, not moving even though the light was green light until I left.

Before any of you start on the whole “WHY DO YOU HATE GUNS!?!?” let me just say the problem with guns are always the people. People more often than not are awful and can’t be trusted, they don’t rise to the occasion to be heros. The old man in this theater was never threatened by the younger man who was simply asking him to not be rude. Next, the theater didn’t allow guns, concealed permit or otherwise. And finally, and this goes without saying, you should never turn to a gun because you can’t control your temper.

I hate to say this proves my point about reasons to not feel safe around guns but there was no good reason at all for what happened this evening. The older man, who should have his concealed permit and weapons taken away, walked away getting to live out another day as a complete and total prick. While in the meantime, regular uninvolved people like (us) are having panic attacks fearing we’re going to have to wrestle a gun away from an old bastard who shouldn’t even have it in the first place.


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