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The Donald Trump-Barbara Comstock relationship: How will Barbara spend Sunday evening in #VA10? Inquiring minds want to know …


This evening, the GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump,  will visit Virginia’s 10th district as part of the last minute ‘surge’ effort of his anti-Semitic, racist, homophonic, misogynistic, military-service demeaning, Gold-Star parent attacking, deceitful, ignorant, hateful, etc, etc, etc .. campaign.

Trump’s return to one of the nation’s wealthiest areas, which he said back in August was “failing”, creates a last-minute suspense item for the tight Virginia 10th Congressional District contest between the GOP’s Barbara Comstock and the Democratic Party candidate, LuAnn Bennett.

Where will Barbara be this evening?

While Comstock has sought to distance herself from Trump, including a last-minute denunciation of him after months of his hateful and deceitful campaigning as the GOP nominee, there is a reality on the ground her in Virginia’s 10th CD.


  • Trump & Comstock campaign efforts overlap like crazy, as Barbara’s campaign resides comfortably beneath Donald’s.
  • Comstock has refused to say who she is voting for.
  • Comstock has close ties with many of Trump’s strongest misogynist supporters — such as Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity.
  • And …gingrichcomstock

This evening, Donald Trump will be in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

  • Will the GOP Congressional candidate be there with him?
  • Will she make clear her real views of the situation — by, for example, telling her constituents who she is voting for?
  • Will …????

Inquiring minds want to know.

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