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Wednesday News: Trump Moves to Screw the White Working Class Voters Who Supported Him; “Mr. Trump, Meet the Constitution”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, November 30.

  • Quizzical

    Senate signals that repeal and replace is going to take years

    One thing not mentioned is that many countries have a competitive advantage over the US in attracting manufacturers because they have some sort of national health care system, which takes the burden of providing health care off the employers. Contrast that to the US where we have a complex and expensive health insurance system, where the burden of providing health insurance rests heavily on employers, and where now in addition we have that dreaded word in business of “uncertainty.”

    All that is not helpful in terms of attracting and keeping manufacturers and other large employers.

  • True Blue

    This comment, from one of the above articles:

    “Lying is good now.
    When your kid tells a whopper simply tell him/her ‘It’s okay honey, the president [elect] is a liar. So lying is okay for everyone now.’

    Think of the difference that constant lying by everyone will make!
    Life was boring, predictable.
    Now, it’ll be exciting!

    What fun.”

  • Drumpf

    The sommelier was busy last night at the Michelin 3 star when Drumpf dined with Mitt. Milk, and a coke. What year was the coke? Was the milk from a gourmet dairy farm?