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VA AG Mark Herring: “President Trump’s ban remains a solution in search of a problem.”


From Virginia AG Mark Herring’s office, which has been doing superb work fighting back against Trump’s “ill-conceived,” “un-American” and likely “unconstitutional” orders.

~ On President Trump’s significantly scaled-back executive order ~
RICHMOND (March 6, 2017)-Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued the following statement on President Trump’s revocation of his original travel ban and issuance of a significantly scaled-back executive order regarding immigration and travel:”This pared-down order is an incredible concession from President Trump that all but concedes the significant constitutional and practical flaws that the Courts and I saw in his original ban. Our goal has always been to protect the Commonwealth of Virginia and our residents who were harmed by President Trump’s ill-conceived, poorly-implemented, and un-American ban, particularly green card holders and those at our businesses and colleges with valid work and student visas. It is significant that after we won the nation’s first preliminary injunction against the ban, President Trump has now revoked his original order and apparently exempted all those persons from his revised order.

“President Trump’s ban remains a solution in search of a problem. Although the new order appears to be significantly scaled back, it still sends a horrible message to the world, to Muslim-Americans, and to minority communities across the country, without any demonstrable benefit to national security. We will closely examine this new order to determine its impact, how it may affect our ongoing challenge to the original ban, and whether there are any additional steps we need to take to protect Virginia and our residents.”

On January 31, Attorney General Herring filed suit on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia to stop enforcement of President Trump’s original ban. On February 13, a federal judge in Virginia issued the nation’s first preliminary injunction against the ban, preventing enforcement of the ban against Virginia residents after finding that it was likely unconstitutional.

  • Sen. Tim Kaine:

    “The Trump Administration’s immigration orders – after weeks of unnecessary confusion – remain a mess. Entrance into the United States should be based on a judgment about the risk an individual poses to our country. Discriminating against people from certain countries with no evidence that they pose any greater risk than those from other countries not affected is more about politics than about safety. And perpetrating the stereotype that refugees fleeing humanitarian disasters are suspicious is cruel. Congressional Republicans and Democrats should join together and do what the Senate did four years ago – pass comprehensive immigration reform to address these questions in an evidenced-based way.”

  • DPVA Chair Susan Swecker:

    “Trump made a promise to the country over the past year: that the intent of the Muslim ban was to discriminate against Muslims. Not only have courts in Virginia already said that the ban was unconstitutional, Trump’s own national security experts say it won’t make us any more safe and it’s already hurting the Commonwealth’s economy. Today, Trump once again fulfilled his pledge, and Virginians will again suffer from a policy of blatant discrimination.

    “Unfortunately when American values have been under assault, Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart and the field of Republican candidates this year have agreed with Trump’s action. Unless these Republican candidates speak out against Trump’s cruel, inept and dangerous executive orders that put our national security and economic well being at risk, then Virginians must assume they will govern in Richmond with the same dangerous outcomes in mind.”

  • Tom Perriello:

    Today, President Trump signed a new executive order banning vulnerable refugees and immigrants from majority-Muslim nations. He thinks this “revised” version is somehow okay.

    But let’s be clear: A Muslim ban is a Muslim ban. And that violates America’s precious values.

    This policy is wrong. It promotes prejudice. It is un-American. We must stand up against it louder than ever.

    Add your name to mine if you’re going to fight back against this second Muslim Ban and make sure that people’s fundamental human rights are protected.

    As someone who’s spent time in Afghanistan, Sudan, and other areas, I know from experience that these sort of reckless policies undermine our national security. This weakens our resilience as a country and emboldens our enemies. And does so by bullying the most vulnerable.

    As governor, I’ll do everything in my power to keep Virginia a firewall against this kind of division and hate.

    Thanks for standing up for the Constitution and our common American values.

    Tom Perriello

  • Sen. Mark Warner:

    “While this executive order may avoid some of the administrative and procedural issues associated with the Administration’s initial EO, improving the implementation of a poor policy still results in poor policy.

    “There is no evidence that immigrants from the countries listed in the EO pose a heightened threat to our security. There are serious people at the Department of Homeland Security and within the intelligence community who have been considering this issue for years. Perhaps a better approach would be to allow them to recommend what our policy should be.”

  • Gov. McAuliffe:

    “Today President Trump reaffirmed a policy that has already harmed the Virginia economy and the standing of our nation around the globe. While some of the specifics have changed, the President’s order continues to ban people fleeing persecution and travelers from certain Muslim countries without any evidence of specific security threats. Attorney General Mark Herring and I will review this new order carefully and do whatever we can to protect the values that make our Commonwealth and our country beacons of hope and democracy the world over.”