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Voters Form SuperPAC To Fund a Billboard In Barbara Comstock’s District


We really need to “Dump Comstock,” even more so if she votes today to throw 24 million Americans (including thousands in her district) off of their healthcare.

Residents form Super PAC in order to Fund a Billboard in Comstock’s District

Rep. Barbara Comstock has never held an in-person town hall meeting.  It’s been 809 days since Rep. Comstock began serving the Virginia’s 10th Congressional District in the 114th Congress, and there is no record of her holding a public town hall during that time.  Her office refuses to comment on the matter, saying only that they offer constituents a chance to sit in on conference calls or hold very small meetings with staff as a substitute.

Meeting in person with your constituents is a key job requirement for a Congressional representative.  Voters deserve to have their voices heard in a public forum.  Conference calls with screened questions and no chance for follow up are not an acceptable substitute.  Dump Comstock has decided to put up a billboard in Rep. Comstock’s district in response.

Dump Comstock is a local organization of concerned constituents dedicated to defeating Barbara Comstock in 2018.  The group quickly learned that raising and spending money in a federal election comes with certain requirements.  “After considering the alternatives, we decided to form a Super PAC” said Abbey Ruby, who is both a resident of the district and a founder of the PAC. “We’re all new to this process but after seeing Comstock vote with Trump all the time and disregard the concerns of her district, I became super motivated.”

Long time district resident Lynn Anderson is also a founder of the Super PAC.  “This is a chance for us to express our frustration with Barbara Comstock”, said Anderson,  “We want our voices heard.”

Once the group has raised sufficient funds, they plan to put up the billboard within Rep. Comstock’s district just outside of Winchester, VA.  Funds are being raised on the Dump Comstock group’s website.  The group is seeking to raise enough money to put up the billboard for as long as funding will allow.

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