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DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker Calls on Ed Gillespie to Denounce Hateful Charlottesville KKK Rally


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker Calls on Ed Gillespie to Denounce Hateful Charlottesville KKK Rally

RICHMOND, Va. — Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement today calling on Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie to denounce the David Duke-backed KKK rally planned for Saturday in Charlottesville:

“The KKK rally planned for Saturday in Charlottesville represents a direct attack on our commonwealth’s bedrock values of justice, equality and fairness. Ed Gillespie must immediately condemn this protest and make clear that hate has no place in our commonwealth. This is not a political or partisan issue — it is a moral question that cuts to the heart of who we are as Virginians. Leaders in every party must denounce this racist protest and come together to build a more just and inclusive future for our commonwealth.

“It’s time for Ed Gillespie to answer one simple question: are you with Virginia or are you with the KKK? Silence, non-answers, and excuses are simply unacceptable. Voters are sick and tired of Republican politicians — starting with Donald Trump and Corey Stewart — using bigotry and hate to divide the American people. They deserve to know whether their next governor will fight for them — not the Alt-Right. Gillespie must make clear, once and for all, who he stands with: the most bigoted and extreme elements in our politics or the people of Virginia.”

  • STATEMENT: Northam Condemns Planned Charlottesville KKK Rally, Calls On Gillespie To Do The Same

    Richmond, Va. – Today, Dr. Ralph Northam condemned Ku Klux Klan’s plan to rally in Charlottesville this Saturday and called on Ed Gillespie to join him in a bipartisan stand against hate.

    Dr. Ralph Northam today issued the following statement condemning the planned KKK rally in Charlottesville this weekend:

    “When the values of our commonwealth are under attack, we are called to speak out. This weekend, the Ku Klux Klan is rallying in Charlottesville to share an ideology of hatred and bigotry, which conflict with Virginia’s values of openness, diversity, and inclusion. I am calling on Ed Gillespie to join me in condemning this disgusting attempt to intimidate the people of Charlottesville.

    “Standing up to the KKK’s efforts to instill fear into our communities goes beyond partisan politics. I hope Ed Gillespie will join me in sending a loud and clear message that Virginians will not stand for this. Should he decline, I think that speaks volumes about his ability to lead.”

  • Miles

    I’m calling on Mr. Gillespie to promise, upon his election, to introduce legislation dissolving any city that renames or removes any Confederate monuments or memorials.

    • old_redneck

      Sure thing, Miles, sure thing.

      Now, tell us about the “Lost Cause.”

      The Old Redneck is a native of Wilkinson County, MS. The great-great-grandson of a major slave owner, the Old Redneck has a quilt made by his great-grandmother with pieces cut from her uncle’s Klan robe. The Old Redneck counts 23 Confederate soldiers among his ancestors, including one Brigadier General. Born a Southerner, a Baptist, and a Democrat, the Old Redneck learned to read — he is still a Southerner and a Democrat.

      The only Confederate flag that matters.

  • Eric McGrane

    This is the worst sort of gutter politics, and is disgusting. This rally has zero to do with Gillespie, so there’s nothing for him to denounce. Total strawman argument. Gillespie should put out a release stating that “DPVA Chairwomen silent on pedophilia in Virginia….what is she hiding??” or some other similar fabrication. These political operatives are disgusting and should be embarassed for what they do.