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Leading VA Conservative Blog Calls Out “Disgusting,” Reprehensible” “Bigotry on [VA GOP] State Central” Committee


Sadly, the only thing surprising about this is the fact that the Virginia GOP’s “disgusting,” “reprehensible” “bigotry” is actually being called out, for a change, by a leading Virginia grassroots conservative voice – the Bearing Drift blog. Here are a few “highlights” from their article, “Bigotry on State Central.”

One of the 11th CD representatives on the VA GOP State Central Committee, Fredy Burgos — “who last year was universally condemned after calling Muslims a ‘death cult organized by Satan’” — recently “launched a whites-first rant on Facebook, announcing that Republican leaders are pushing for a “Cultural Cleansing of Virginia and the United States,” and that the “idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracial marry or adopt non-white children” is a “cancer”, and “must be cut out.””

  • This rant, according to Bearing Drift, comes from the “white supremacist site ‘Destroy Cultural Marxism: What is Cultural Marxism?’, featuring a copy of Burgos’ rant on whites-first, word for word”
  • Also, “Earlier this year, [Burgos] posted quotes from British commentators deriding Muslim immigrants as ‘feral humans’, then with Burgos’ own commentary, “calling them ‘humans’ is a bit of a stretch.'”
  • Burgos also “posted rants attacking the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, claiming that Pope Francis is allowing ‘Satan’s seregates [sic] speak for the the Devil thanks to the Catholic church leader Pope Francis. The wolf in sheeps [sic] clothing continues to howl…'”
  • Yet despite all this, “Burgos is still on [the Virginia GOP’s] State Central, and still spewing hate.”

Also note that Burgos is a big supporter of Republican nominee for Fairfax County School Board, Chris Grisafe. Check out Burgos’ charming endorsement, below. Also consider that Grisafe has been endorsed by another white supremacist, as this post from the Fairfax County Democratic Committee explains. So…you know who NOT to vote for tomorrow in the Fairfax County School Board special election!

  • Just a bit more on Burgos — from May 2015, in the debate over transgender protections in the Fairfax County Public Schools, when Burgos stated that “[the non-discrimination] policy will undermine 1st Amendment rights of anti-trans students…Burgos decries heavy-handed federal government interfering in local schools. Talking about genital mutilation, HIV rates…Hispanics and blacks will be worst affected by policy. B/C they are largely Christians, Burgos calls #Policy1450 ‘racist.’”
  • Finally, as I pointed out here, the Virginia GOP Central Committee is headed up by the likes of John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” WhitbeckCynthia Dunbar (“Dunbar stoked national controversy when she tried to insert historical revisionist views into the Texas public school curriculum and  textbooks.”; “Dunbar once led the board in praying for ‘a Christian land governed by Christian principles’ and asserting that the Bill of Rights came straight out of the Bible”; ” Dunbar asserted that lawmakers ‘don’t have the freedom to make any laws if they are contrary to what God has said in his Holy Scripture.’”) and Jo “Toxic Twitter account” Thoburn would be bat**** crazy.

So yeah, that’s what we’re dealing with when it comes to the Republican Party of Virginia, the same party that nominated Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams for governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General this year. And now, you don’t have to believe me, you can read it on Virginia’s leading conservative blog, where in the comments section, the VA GOP’s former Executive Director notes: “Everyone knows this is a problem. Everyone knows Fredy isn’t the only one…why is everyone afraid to talk about it?” Great question!

P.S. One final image from Burgos’ Twitter page


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