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Video: Despite Rep. Scott Taylor (R) Voting 97%+ with Trump, He Gets Primaried from His Right Anyway


Here’s a huge difference between Democrats and Republicans: can you even imagine an incumbent Democrat who voted 97%+ of the time with President Obama drawing a serious primary challenge from his or her LEFT? Yet that’s exactly what we seem to have in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, where Rep. Scott Taylor (R) has voted 97.4% in line with Donald Trump’s position – and who has a whopping +22.8 “Trump plus/minus” (the “[d]ifference between Taylor’s actual and predicted Trump-support scores”) – but is being primaried from his right anyway. Check out the kickoff speech by Taylor’s far-right Republican opponent, Mary Jones (former James City County Board Chair), below, in which she crams in a heaping helping of outright lies (e.g, “Barack Obama destroyed our military readiness”; “Obamacare is collapsing”) and hysteria (“Our immigration system costs our Nation billions of dollars in handouts, hurting legal Americans who are trying to get a job, and bogs down our justice system with overcrowded jails and rampant crime from gangs like MS-13”).

Amid the torrent of lies, one thing Jones says is true, however — that “Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore deserve better than they are getting out of Washington right now.” Which is exactly why I urge everyone in Virginia’s second Congressional district to vote out Rep. Scott Taylor next November and replace him with a Democrat.


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