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#RememberDouglasPoole Needs to Go Viral! Read Why…#GOTV in Virginia Beach!


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Readers: need your help making #RememberDouglasPoole and this Tweet go viral.  Along with SenDem and pdxbuckeye, I’ve written about Ken Stolle and the stranglehold the “Stolleones” have on Virginia Beach HERE and HERE.


One of the results of the corruption and nepotism was the death in jail owed to medical neglect of Douglas Poole, who died seven years to the day of when we hope Ken Stolle gets voted out of office — this November 7.  The basic facts are in the image, but a fuller account is in the linked articles, where you can also read about the death in Ken Stolle’s jail, also of medical neglect, of Jacquelynn Schwartz LaClair on July 18, 2011.

Let’s remember them both, and let these sad facts serve as a reminder of why we vote.

I’m @henricoblue, but of course you can find the Tweet by the hashtag.  Please help to #RememberDouglasPoole in a way that may make a difference to future inmates.


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