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Video: Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA05) Shows Why He Needs to Go; Condescendingly Disses Woman Who Needs Health Care, Says Hers Is Just “One Family!”


The following video is appalling on many levels. First, note the condescension and arrogance by Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA05). Second, further note that Garrett gets basically all his facts and analysis completely wrong – Google his claims and you’ll see he’s completely full of it. Third, Garrett’s response to a constituent who wants quality, affordable healthcare coverage NOT just for her own family but for ALL families is just appalling: that her family is just “one family!” I sincerely hope that this response is made into a TV ad, so that every voter in VA-05 view Garrett’s godawful attitude for themselves before they go vote in November — and then vote him out of office, so he can spend more time with HIS family! LOL

P.S. A few of the top-rated comments on the original Facebook post with this video include the following.

  • “Good job. And he was sickeningly dismissive and patronizing.”
  • “‘How does the government get money for healthcare subsidies?’ I don’t know, just spitballing here, maybe by our Congressman not voting to give massive tax cuts to billionaires??”
  • “Garrett has so many logical fallacies in his argument, I’m shaking my head. I will fight with you to vote him out of office in 2018.”
  • “What the hell does ‘You’re just one family’ mean?”
  • “He is an arrogant representative, who is NOT representing his constituents and he needs to be voted out in NOV.”
  • “I love it when Republicans use the fiscal responsibility answer just after cutting taxes for the people that profit from our labor by Trillions…what a joke!”

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