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Video: Speakers Urge PW County Board of Supervisors to Adequately Fund Public Schools


The following is from Kenny Boddye, doing a great job as usual, this time on behalf of the Prince William County school system.

Last night I joined with education professionals and other activists to advocate on behalf of our teachers and for proper investments in our public school system. Prince William County, Virginia is one of the wealthiest counties in our nation, and Prince William County Public Schools is the second largest in the commonwealth; however, we have among the lowest per-pupil investment rates, and our teachers are paid thousands of dollars less than their counterparts per year in comparison to neighboring counties. We also have among the most overcrowded schools.

This is a systemic problem that must be addressed.

If you’d like to go to a specific speaker, here’s when each one of us spoke in the video:
Barbara Larrimore – 40 seconds
Daniel Foose – 3 Minutes, 46 seconds
Shannon Geraghty – 6 Minutes, 41 seconds
Riley O’Casey – 10 Minutes
Maggie Hansford – 11 Minutes, 41 seconds
Myself – 14 Minutes, 35 seconds
Aaron Edmond – 17 Minutes, 25 Seconds

As the Board of Supervisors for the Prince William County Government, Virginia has yet to vote on final budget approval, there is still time to advocate for our teachers and our public schools. Email your supervisor or give their office a call and make your voice heard. For each year that we continue to underfund our school system, and stiff our educators, we’re hurting our future.


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