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CNN Moves VA-02 (Elaine Luria), VA-07 (Abigail Spanberger) In a “Blue” Direction, to “Toss-Up”; VA-10 (Jennifer Wexton) and VA-05 (Leslie Cockburn) Also Looking Promising


In case you missed it, this morning CNN moved two Congressional races in Virginia in a “blue” direction:

VA-02: “Complicating Taylor’s bid is the potential for down-ballot drag from Corey Stewart’s position atop the GOP ticket in Virginia this fall. Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, has been critical of Stewart, saying he has “zero shot” at defeating Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine based on the campaign he’s running. If some GOP voters stay home because they object to Stewart’s hardline politics, Taylor’s chances could take a hit. Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up”

VA-07: “In 2016, Trump carried the 7th District by six points — 50% to 44%. Northam lost the district by less than four points in 2017. Brat will face Democrat Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operations officer. She outraised Brat by more than $140,000 in the second quarter, though he has nearly double the cash on hand — $917,000 to $465,000. Like in the 2nd District, Stewart could also be a factor in this race. Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up”

Obviously, this is good news – both “purple” districts moving to “Toss-Up” status, according to CNN. Also note that Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” now has VA-02 and VA-07 as “Toss-Up” as well, while the Cook Political Report has VA-07 as “Toss-Up,” VA-02 as “Lean Republican” and VA-05 (Democrat Leslie Cockburn vs. Republican Denver Riggleman) as “Lean Republican.” As for VA-10 (Democrat Jennifer Wexton vs. Rep. Barbara Comstock), all three analysts (Cook, CNN, Sabato) have it as “Lean Democratic.”

Bottom line: As of right now, with just under 100 days until the crucial midterm elections on November 6, it appears quite possible that Democrats will pick up as many as four districts (VA-10, VA-07, VA-02, VA-05) from Virginia alone. Our job, from now until Election Day, is to make sure we do everything possible so that this scenario becomes reality, and that we take back the House (and hopefully the Senate) to provide a serious “check and balance” on the wildly out-of-control. careening-off-the-cliff Donald Trump.



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