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Weeks After Dropping Hate Fliers in PW County, KKK Rears Its Ugly Head in Arlington County


Is it just a coincidence that these white supremacist scumbags are crawling out from under their slimy rocks – just the other day in Prince William County, now in Arlington County (see post, below, by the Arlington Dems – while we have a white supremacist sympathizer in the White House (and in other parts of the Trump administration)? And meanwhile, we have another white supremacist sympathizer, a guy who brags about how he was “Trump before Donald Trump” and who pals around with the organizer of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally, as the Virginia Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. Yeah, pure coincidence – and if you believe that one…

FIGHT BACK. It happened here. On Saturday, the KKK leafleted parts of Arlington. We must stand up to such hate by electing people who embrace equality, diversity, and inclusion. That includes candidates like Tim KaineDon BeyerMatt de Ferranti for Arlington, and Barbara Kanninen. Will you help Arlington Dems to win? Sign up at arlingtondemocrats.org/volunteer.

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Eliza Laura Thompson

I’m so angry I can’t even talk (which means I must be really angry because y’all know I love to talk). Our neighborhood got flyered by the KKK this morning.
They were cowards and placed them on our driveways overnight. Not brace enough to show their faces with their disgusting views.
I think we should all call them! Jam up their phone lines. Make them call lots of “interested people” back. You can either voice your anger at them, or ask them to call you back with information.
Posting the flyers in the comments. If you are White Christian, you should read the flyers. Those who aren’t white Christian are used to hearing this crap regularly.

More KKK crap.


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