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Extremist Comstock’s Extreme Spamming


Residents of Virginia’s 10th District  faced a spamming event from Barbara Comstock‘s office last week.

Spammed by Barbara

Message after message after message as Comstock(‘s team) suddenly discovered an interest in communicating with constituents multiple times a week, multiple times a day.

For context:

  • 5 days, 4-8 August 2018:
    • 10 Comstock House office messages in the inbox
  • 1085 days, 14 Aug 2015 – 3 August 2017:
    • 12 Comstock House office messages in the inbox
    • note: two of the twelve were responses to correspondence, thus the ‘apples to apples’ would be 10 to 10
Years of Comstock emails … never multiples in a week, never multiples in a day …

Any thoughts as to why Comstock’s team would be so interested in using the Congressional office to spam VA10 voters in-boxes with material to suggest falsely that extremist Barbara Comstock is somehow a paragon of bipartisan, moderate virtue?

Hmmm … anything come to mind as to why this abusive (legal but unethical) Comstock spamming from the House office account occurred?

Just as perplexing, it seems, as Comstock’s abusive (legal but unethical) use of ‘Franked’ mail from her House office in late summer, early fall 2016



  • To be clear, like all operating in the 21st century, emails can be overwhelming and things can get deleted.  Thus, am not asserting that the above screen shots are a 100 percent accurate picture of all Comstock emails to this (unrepresented) constituent. However, (a) no recollection of any major Comstock deletions, (b) have queried many other people whose inboxes resemble mine, and (c) am 100 percent certain that such spamming has not occurred before.
  • While it is almost certain that some politician, somewhere in the United States, has done similar spamming, I can say with certainty that I’ve never before faced such spamming from an elected official’s office in my over 30 years of Virginia residency / voting registration … never.
  • The 4-8 August dates might be significant. In short, to avoid use of taxpayer resources in political campaigning, the rules prohibit unsolicited (mass) mailings within 90 days of an election from a Congressional Office.  There are 90 days between August 8 and November 6 — August 9th would have been within that 90 day period.
  • As a speculative, multiple of the 4-8
  • The Comstock email spamming is notable for what it does not include. Considering the “Unite the Right 2” events in DC, the anniversary in Charlottesville, various foreign affairs events (like Trump’s meeting with Putin), Trump, etc, etc … Crickets from Barbara.
Comstock email spamming: crickets on Trump
Comstock email spamming: crickets on Charlottesville


UPDATE:  Sparked, in part, due this spamming incident, I’ve been applying slash and burn to decades of too many 10,000s of emails. This process has uncovered interesting items that still, years later, merit some form of attention with relevance for today.  An example: Congressman Frank Wolf’s (now deleted) unsolicited emails.  A total of 59 emails from May 2007 through November 2013, roughly equal between election and no election years, with no (NO) spurt of 10 emails in a few days (max being three emails spread across a month). See below for a sample. Hmm … quite a contrast to Barbara’s spamming, no?

And, let’s look at Democratic Party politicians. For example, Senator Mark Warner:

Mark Warner communicates with — doesn’t spam — constituents

And, well, so on … notice a pattern?

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