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Video: PW County School Board Interim Chair Babur Lateef on Betsy Devos Idea to Arm Teachers – “It Doesn’t Take an Ophthalmologist to See That This Is a Terrible Idea”


See below for video from PW County School Board Interim Chair Babur Lateef, who says: “Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to allow federal grants to pay for more guns in our schools. It doesn’t take an opthamologist to see how that’s a bad idea. I’m running for School Board Chair this November to ensure our funding is going toward solutions that will keep our students safe and prepare them for success.”

I’d just add that given the craziness at the federal level these days, with Trump and his merry band of corrupt extremists in charge, it’s more important than EVER that we elect Democrats up and down the ballot, including my old friend Babur Lateef as Prince William County School Board Chair. This is yet another big reason why we want to make sure that Tim Kaine wins his race BIGLY — to help our “downballot” candidates.

To learn more about Babur, click here. In short, Babur wants to “continue to work towards closing the academic achievement gap so that all students can reach their full potential, fix and update our schools’ aging infrastructure, ensure our staff is properly trained to secure our campuses, and increase teacher salaries to guarantee Prince William has the best educators in Virginia.” For Babur’s smart approach to (as opposed to DeVos approach) to school safety and security, click here. Go Babur!


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