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I’m Voting to Fire Dave Brat


Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch suggests that people this year are voting against candidates rather than for them. In response, there has been a loud outcry from Abigail Spanberger supporters that they are definitely voting for Abigail, not against Dave Brat.

Well, let me be different. I am an ABB (Anybody But Brat) voter. It is nice that we have a great candidate like Abigail Spanberger running against Dave Brat, but I would vote against him no matter who his opponent was. In the past two months, I have posted on “BratFacts” and elsewhere the evidence of why Dave Brat has not earned another term in Congress. In fact, I have demonstrated that Brat is very dangerous.

In short, if you care about climate change, women’s rights, gun violence, affordable health care, LGBTQ rights, public education, immigration reform, the environment, the federal debt, Social Security and Medicare, etc., you should be voting against Dave Brat. Think of the election as your decision on whether to rehire Brat for another two years, and make your decision accordingly.

  • Are you satisfied with his performance during the past 4 years?
  • Do his views on public issues match yours?
  • Has he done anything to make your life better?

If your answers to those three questions are “no” like mine, vote to fire him. And, of course, the way to fire Dave Brat is to vote for Abigail Spanberger.


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