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Mason-Dixon Poll: Trump at 41%-53% Approval in Virginia; Warner at 65%-29%; Northam at 56%-30%

"Virginia Looks Blue for 2020"


See below for highlights from a brand-new Mason-Dixon poll of Virginia’s registered voters. No real surprises as far as I can see…

h/t: Thanks to Larry Sabato for forwarding this to me!

  • Trump’s at 41%-53% (-12 points) in Virginia, which is bad but as far as I’m concerned, 41 percentage points too high. For 2020, 52% of Virginia registered voters want to replace Trump, while 42% want to reelect him. What the heck are those 42% thinking???
  • Trump is particularly unpopular in Northern Virginia, where just 30% want to reelect him, and in Hampton Roads, where just 39% want him to have a second term. Trump is most popular in Shenandoah/Piedmont (55%-38% want to reelect him) and Roanoke/Southwest (54%-41%). There’s also a big gender gap, with only 37% of women wanting him reelected, compared to 48% of men. And, not surprisingly, there’s a big racial gap, with 85% of African-American voters NOT wanting Trump reelected, while 51% of White voters DO want him reelected.
  • Sen. Mark Warner’s approval rating is at 65%-29% (+36 points), with 55% of voters saying they’d reelect him versus 37% who say they want to replace him.
  • Among Democrats, Warner’s at a whopping 91%-7% approval rating, compared to 61%-30% among Independents and 35%-56% among Republicans.
  • Warner is most popular in Northern Virginia (67% want him reelected) and Hampton Roads (62%), and least popular in Roanoke/Southwest (44% want him reelected) – a huge change, by the way, from when Warner first ran for office back in 1996 and 2001, when he was wildly popular in Southwest Virginia.
  • Gov. Ralph Northam’s approval rating is at 56%-30% (+26 points), including 76%-10% among Democrats, 54%-31% among Independents and 32%-55% among Republicans.


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