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Video: On Face the Nation, Terry McAuliffe Comments on Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, Amazon, Possible Presidential Run

"We're close to making a decision" on 2020 run; "we do need governors in this race"


Some interesting comments this morning by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, Amazon and his own possible run for president in 2020.

  • First, asked if he thinks Ralph Northam can survive as governor, McAuliffe said “yes, I think he’s made a decision he’s going to stay in…the way that Ralph survives and brings Virginia back together, he’s got to lean in on these very important issues…he’s got to use executive authority…”
  • Next, asked about Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, McAuliffe says that “very serious allegations have been made, they need to be investigated, he has called for an investigation, the two women have called for an investigation…we will go through that process.”
  • On Amazon pulling out of NY City and whether that indicates anti-business hostility in the Democratic Party, McAuliffe said “I certainly hope not…We won, we’re going to create 25 up to 37,000 jobs in Virginia, high-paying jobs; you’ve got to build an economy for the future…We welcome Amazon…Jeff Bezos, if you’re watching here, thank you for coming to Virginia, you don’t want to go to New York…bring the other jobs to Virginia, we are an open/welcoming/dynamic state.”
  • And finally, on his possible run for president, McAuliffe said he’s talked to Joe Biden, is “close to making a decision,” believes “we need in this race a progressive governor who was very jobs oriented, very successful in economic development – they’re not mutually exclusive.”

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