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Why I Am Running for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors: Quality of Growth, Equality for All


by Ibrahim Moiz, Candidate for the Democratic Nomination for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors – Sterling

My name is Ibrahim Moiz and I am running to become the voice for the Sterling District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors because I believe our County needs Quality of Growth, Equality for All.

I was born in Michigan, growing up in and around Flint. I moved to Virginia in 2003 and Loudoun in 2008, after graduating from law school. I had the distinct opportunity to serve as the Legislative Assistant to our former Delegate David Poisson, who continues to serve as my mentor and one of my closest advisors. Since then, I have served on two state boards and on the County’s Fiscal Impact Committee.

As a father of three girls in 6th, 4th, and 3rd grades, I have vowed to make sure I am doing whatever I can to make life better for them and their future. I believe that we are doing our children a disservice unless we provide them the tools with what they need to succeed tomorrow. Our schools in Sterling need major improvements; as we build new schools we continue to let the older ones get older. When we visited the middle school last year, we noticed the ceiling tiles that were creatively painted to give the illusion of open skies. When I met and spoke with the principal earlier this year, he told me that he was hoping for funding to add sky tubes in the building so that they can get natural light into the common areas and the library. This is one of many stories of the current state our schools.

Developments continue to show up on our comprehensive plan and the draft Loudoun 2040 Plan calls for 27,500 more residential units and 15 new schools. This growth must be done by prioritizing our environment. We need to ensure that we have a proper plan that will not only continue to attract the best and brightest to Loudoun but to give them a reason to stay here.

As the county continues to grow, we, in Sterling, cannot continue to be ignored and left behind. We need Quality of Growth with Equality for All.

I decided to switch my candidacy to the Supervisor’s race because I believe more needs to be done for Sterling. Credit must be given to the work that’s been done here by our current Supervisor, but I see plenty of room for improvement and I am ready to serve in this role to see to those changes. In Sterling, we must have high expectations of thriving and not just surviving. I believe, with my experiences and strong advocacy abilities I will take Loudoun even further. Sterling’s needs must be prioritized and as Loudoun grows it must be done very deliberately.

I will not only think outside the box, but I will work with the community to find the most proper and creative solutions for our unmet needs. Almost every day for the past 10 years I have advised small businesses on sustainable growth and growing pains, I will bring this experience to the Board to advocate on your behalf.

If you believe in a better future for our next generation by giving them a more conducive learning environment and a better environment to live in then vote for me, Ibrahim Moiz, on June 11 and remember that Loudoun needs Quality of Growth, Equality for All.

Allow me to serve you as your Supervisor. Allow me to collaborate with you to create new initiatives that will help Loudoun sustainably grow. Allow me to pave a path for our future generations to inherit from us a healthy environment and vibrant economy.

For more information on Ibrahim’s campaign, please visit www.moizforloudoun.com.




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