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Analysis: Can Dems Defeat the Deplorable Del. Dave LaRock in HD33 This November?


Among the absolute worst – most extreme, bigoted, etc. – Virginia delegates is Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33). To get an idea of why I say LaRock is among the absolute worst, see Faaaar-Right, Rabidly Anti-LGBTQ Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33) Promotes Dangerous Petition Claiming Transgender Equality Would “Endanger Our Children!”; Virginia Del. Dave LaRock (Faaaar-Right R) Says Being Transgender a “Social Contagion,” Like Anorexia; Gets Pounded on His Facebook Page,  Rabidly Anti-LGBT Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock Absurdly Claims Loudoun County School Board “Lurches Left” Because It Opposes Discrimination, Supports Public Schools, Dave LaRock Spews Anti-LGBTQ Hate Straight From the House of Delegates and Talking to My Delegate: Dave LaRock (in which LaRock talked about how “beautiful” discredited/harmful gay “conversion therapy” is; refused to call Danica Roem “she”; etc.).

So is there any chance Democrats can beat LaRock this November in a district Trump won by 15 points and Corey Stewart won by about 3 points? For that analysis, see below; according to Chaz Nuttycombe, it’s not impossible, but it’s not going to be easy. Still, if there’s any way we can help Democratic nominee Mavis Taintor to the upset victory over LaRock this November, it would sure be sweet!


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