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Eat a Biscuit and Win An Election


by Beverly Harrison

Where I’m running for office, drugs, foster care, and Medicaid expansion were being discussed in the waiting room at the local vet’s office. But only because I brought them up. No one knew that Virginia recently expanded Medicaid to serve an additional 400,000+ people. 
Our community struggles mightily with opioid addiction, and people don’t know that grandparents and other extended family do not receive the same level of funding as non-familial foster parents. Grandma may be on a fixed income but she won’t receive the standard funding because she’s kin. That must change.
My opponent voted against Medicaid expansion. He has not mentioned it on his official Facebook page. If constituents are looking to him for information, they are being intentionally uninformed by the person supposed to serve them.
I’m fresh off the road from the speculator @RuralVaDems conference in Roanoke. Over dinner, a wise woman stated that in order to win, we must “eat a biscuit with everyone.” In rural Virginia, personal connection is grease on the wheel of change.  Please support and donate to my campaign. I need to be out talking with people about what matters most to them, not sitting in my living room making fundraising phone calls.  I’ll make sure that if a person is one of the 400,000, they’ll walk away knowing they have Medicaid coverage.

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